While visiting my mom last weekend, she was on the phone with her friend Gil. My mom is voting for Clinton as she’s afraid of a Turnip presidency–which I get to a point–and Gil is too. They were both trying to get me to do the same, but I was for Bernie before (my mom was too) and now that he’s out I’m voting for Stein.

All weekend, my mom is watching Turnip drown in his own filth on numerous news channels; I’m avoiding it to maintain my sanity. As I now hear her talking to Gil on the phone, I decide to say hi.

Me: Tell Gil I said hi and I’m still voting for Stein.
Mom: David says hi.

That’s pretty much this whole election run-up in a nutshell.


I have stated the last few years that I don’t make New Years resolutions anymore. I was tired of getting hopeful to do something big for the year and have nothing come of it by the end of summer. This New Years I didn’t make any resolutions or plans either. I am not looking towards the new year with any illusions or rose colored glasses, but I’m also not expecting the apocalypse. I honestly want to get through the next few months one day at a time. A lot of issues that I had to deal with the past year are still present and I need to be aware of myself and my surroundings to deal with them. I’ve spent too much of my life living inside my own head that I can’t seem to move about in real time. Now is the time I need to focus on being in the moment.

That’s not to say I don’t have things I want to accomplish. I have two short stories to finish and I’d like to get back to screenwriting again even if in some short form work. I still have my weekly radio show and I hope to have the recordings from the School of the Americas vigil to air for Martin Luther King day (tentatively on target for that). Writing is still important to me, but I can’t make the reward be project based or monetary. Having said that, sorry my blog posts for this site are rather sporadic. Trying to fix that.

I’m not indifferent to the coming new year, nor am I dancing on the grave of the old one. I am simply glad I get to see another one with clearer eyes and mind than I may have in the past. That’s a big accomplishment.