Poem: Saliva

May 1, 2017

As Chuck D. once said, “I don’t freestyle much/but I write ’em like such.” A poem I wrote a while back about the written and spoken word. I read it at church for a poetry service on Sunday.


I wish I could spit.
I wish I could throw
Verses and verbs
Masses of words
Heavy hitting or honey soaked
Making their way from
Throat to mind
In slow trickles or flash floods
Cleansing thoughts
Eroding emotions
Clearing sediment and sentiment
Caught in its wake
Polishing rough ideas
Into smooth, oblong and rounded
I wish I could flow
A constant stream of
Running tributes and tributaries
Interconnecting rapids
And rapid fire monologues
Faster and faster
In waves of crashing consonants
Constantly streaming sentences
Flowing down streams of consciousness
Flooding the banks and barriers
And other internal censors
As a torrential downpour of ideas
Runs into the sea.
I wish off the top of my head
I could spew forth
Rhymes like Vesuvius
Stopping people and cities
Dead in their tracks
Or smack like Krakatoa
A pop heard ’round the world
Making my presence known
Metaphors harden when
They hit the water
Bedrock expanding outwards
From the sound of my voice.
But I don’t spit.
My words sink slowly
Into the sheet
Filling in the veins of
Pierced wounds on a page
Fangs put to parchment
Ink of mixed blood and venom
Deadly to the glance
Waiting to strike
And with a touch
Seeps into the skin
Disrupts the system
Coursing through your mind
One word at a time.


Buy Now, Listen Later

March 29, 2014

A couple of things going on creatively speaking. First it seems that the site that I have my work uploaded to will be shutting down in about two more months. I will be switching and uploading to a new site when I find one that I think works well, but in the meantime I still need to move the product still there on that site. So for anyone who hasn’t already downloaded a copy of my poetry collection “Lackadaisical Prayers” yet, please follow the link below to Authorstand.com and pick up a copy. It’s reasonably priced at $1.75 a download and it’s good poetry. So please check it out and buy a copy HERE. When I do get a site to post stories to, I should have that poetry collection and a short-short ready to go.

Second, for those who know of my radio show last year, I will be starting that up again in April. I had a show called “Theology in Action” that broadcast over Occupy Boston Radio for a year from 2012 to 2013. I was slowly winding up my shows last year when Sophia’s mom died. After that, the last thing I was able to do was concentrate on both religion and politics at the same time. Now I think it’s time to get back to it. Especially with all that’s been happening lately, it’s ripe to talk religion and activism from the left these days.

One Down, Many More to Go

November 7, 2013

So we now can cross one project off the writing list. As seen in my last blog post (here), writing the 10 poem collection is completed and available for download at Authorstand.com. In fact, currently my poetry collection, “Lackadaisical Prayers,” is the number 1 most downloaded poetry e-book over the last 30 days, number 8 of all genre e-books downloaded over the last 30 days and number 20 of e-books downloaded over the last 90 days! I’m really proud of the work put into the collection and encourage more people to download it. Writing all the poems was a lot of fun and I’m glad I had the motivation to put them all together.

Granted I can’t really say it’s finished. I am still trying to sell more copies of the work (my personal goal is selling 50 copies), and marketing the work has started in earnest this week. However the writing portion is done and that feels good. Even the feeling bad about not writing any more poems feels good—like a good workout after a long time away from the gym. I feel good, like I’m finally on the right track again.

Next on the list is the sci-fi western. I’m a good chunk into it, but I have the big climax and stuff that leads up to it to write. Not going to rush it, but would love to have it ready to download before the new year. Stay tuned… this should be fun!

Dear followers and friends,

I wanted to reveal some exciting news and ask for your help simultaneously. I recently put together some of my poems — 10 brand new and 2 older poems– into an online PDF compilation entitled “Lackadasical Prayers.” I’m really proud of the work I’ve put out and it’s now available for sale at AuthorStand.com for $1.75 per download (It works out to about 14 cents a poem which is a BARGAIN!). This includes the poems “Cirque du Chaos”, “New England Weather” and “Mr. Reed 10/27/13” which first appeared here on the blog.

So that’s the exciting news; now for the help part. My goal right now is to sell 50 copies of the collection. In order to do that, I need to spread the word. I’m asking all my followers and readers who have liked any of the posts I’ve put up here to download a copy of the collection for yourself. If you like what you read, please recommend it to two other people/friends of yours, and tell them to pass the info along if they like it. I’ll be talking more about the progress I’m making and hope you can all share in the success. Take care, click on the link below and help spread the word!

For your copy of “Lackadasical Prayers” click this link (or paste in browser): http://shop.authorstand.com/Products/13129-lackadasical-prayers.aspx

MR. REED 10/27/13

October 29, 2013

Something I wrote in honor of the passing of Lou Reed this past Sunday. This will definitely be in the upcoming collection:

MR. REED 10/27/13

I wish I could hear the
A capella bass of Runaround Sue
And extract the melody of Sweet Jane
I wish I had a busload of faith when
All grows dark as Alphabet city
On a ‘70s summer night
My glimpse of beauty is not a Telecaster
But I can understand the possibility of how
From your waxing words
Salt and pepper hair is not misplaced
Behind aviators and black leather
Oddly at home not rechasing rebel youth
Instead paving a way to grace in engineer boots
Gutter poet laureate
Forgoing hipster flash and pretentions
For honesty and underground prose
Finding beauty in an overdose and pre-op wishes
Grungy sidewalks and humanist foibles
A permanent rock fixture
Etched in wet cement by the corner
Of a rough life well fought
The colored girls sing do-de-do your send off
So fly fly away.



October 22, 2013

Latest poetry work.


A gray bilious cumulonimbus
Sits low on the horizon
Stretched across waterfront and skyline
Gliding quick along the jet stream
Pouring down a torrential fury
On prepared and unprepared alike
Directly above square hole punched in the clouds
Flies a sun soaked azure sky
Oblivious to watery violence unleashed below
I stare at the patch of blue
Wondering what it takes to get the sun
To intervene on behalf of the drenched city
Wind blows awning droplets hard on my face
Violating what little courage I had
Seeping water into the seams of my sneakers
Faded torn in all the wrong places
Slowly drowning my feet in waterlogged socks
Not helping the long slog home.

Cirque du Chaos

September 14, 2013

My first real attempt at a short poem using the cut-up technique…

It’s all fate
The sword real
Eating happy
Dancing clown
Through a painted smile
While plate tortured heart
And aerialists fly
Tempting an act
The danger’s swallower
No one’s scimitars
Except the bears jumping
Permanent flaming hoops
Covering a spinners dazzle.



P.S. Completely forgot about my Circus post earlier this yeah when I wrote this (which I just reread)! Wow……