Marquee Humor

April 2, 2016

This was displayed last week at the Venue Theatre in Lexington, MA

My Big Fat Greek 2
Lady in the Van

Worst. Porn movie title. Ever.

There’s a movie out now called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. It’s about a journalist’s experience in Afghanistan, which means the title is a cute pun. However I didn’t know this and had to look it up—partly a failure in marketing, but it’s also a failure for those who setup these marquees. Prime example, this was up two weeks ago at the Apple Cinemas in Cambridge, MA:

Star Wars WTF

Spelling the title (even two words) out would make things so much easier.


SEH cover So my latest ebook short story collection “Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” has been out for a couple of months and is doing well. I’m still trying to push the book and it is available direct from the publishers, Book Country. A collection of short-short stories, “Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” gives a glimpse at the realities of the modern world, from the back alleys and seedy city diners to out of the way roadside motels. If you like atmospheric literary fiction with an occasional twist, this is for you. The ebook is available at Book Country for $1.99 a copy. It is still available at other retailers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble), but I needed to give the publishers a big thanks for having it out there to begin with. Please check it out and buy your copy today here.

SEH cover

Had a great response so far to my story collection Starry-Eyed Hallucinations, including one amazing review from friend, former professor/current friend, and author/screenwriter Stephen Geller:

“David Concepcion is one of the best-kept secrets in dramatic writing. His characters, narratives, compassion and intensity make him one of the most vibrant dramatists and screenwriters of his generation. The fact that his screenplays have not yet been shot speaks loudly about the relentless stupidity of the marketplace. Any director grabbing his work would end up on the cover of TIME as “the most dynamic voice of the year.” Go figure. Let us praise David Concepcion for his work, and Amazon for bringing STARRY-EYED HALLUCINATIONS to the planet. Every good and great piece of writing that hits the internet is a point for nothing less than the good and the great, and a chip in the excrement-splattered marketplace.”
–Stephen D. Geller, Author  JEWS AT THE TABLE (Vols 1&2) and A WARNING OF GOLEMS

I’m still marketing the book, and on my blog I get a chance to return a favor to my friend by linking to his books 🙂  so please check out my short story collection on Thanks for your support!

To order on Amazon click here.

Buy Now, Listen Later

March 29, 2014

A couple of things going on creatively speaking. First it seems that the site that I have my work uploaded to will be shutting down in about two more months. I will be switching and uploading to a new site when I find one that I think works well, but in the meantime I still need to move the product still there on that site. So for anyone who hasn’t already downloaded a copy of my poetry collection “Lackadaisical Prayers” yet, please follow the link below to and pick up a copy. It’s reasonably priced at $1.75 a download and it’s good poetry. So please check it out and buy a copy HERE. When I do get a site to post stories to, I should have that poetry collection and a short-short ready to go.

Second, for those who know of my radio show last year, I will be starting that up again in April. I had a show called “Theology in Action” that broadcast over Occupy Boston Radio for a year from 2012 to 2013. I was slowly winding up my shows last year when Sophia’s mom died. After that, the last thing I was able to do was concentrate on both religion and politics at the same time. Now I think it’s time to get back to it. Especially with all that’s been happening lately, it’s ripe to talk religion and activism from the left these days.

Hard Part of Writing

November 30, 2013

The hardest part, for me at least, isn’t the rewriting or proofreading or outlining; it’s the marketing. Once you’ve written your stuff, you DO need to get it out in the world. As much as we write for ourselves and a small audience, we all hope to reach a good sizeable audience. Some people decide that can mean 15-20 people, others need all 6 billion of the Earth’s population to read what they write. No mater what the size of that group of people you want to reach, you still have to reach out TO them. That’s where I’m at now and it’s tough.

When I posted my poetry collection online, my goal was to reach a total of 50 people. I sent emails to friends and groups I’m with, posted on my blog and Facebook, Twitter and other sites to let people know it was out there. The first week I hit 11 people, which I thought was great. Since then, still only 11 people downloaded it. It’s good but I still want my work to reach a good number of people and I want to hit that goal before the end of the year. So I need to get aggressive in my marketing and letting people know about it. That’s what I find hard: I’m not that naturally aggressive.

Something about writing is nice when it’s just you and a keyboard or pen getting things down on a page. Sharing that page can still be a daunting task for me and probably a lot of writers. I have a few writing friends on FB in which every third post in basically “buy my stuff.” I’m not trying to be that guy but I need to learn from that. It’s tough to get out of my comfort zone and onto a soapbox, but it’s something we writers have to do. For every chapter or two we write we have to be willing to do one public appearance or some promotional event for our writing. It’s not something they teach in writing classes but it’s a skill we need to develop.

I’ll be on the computer tomorrow posting more links to my poetry collection. For now I need a nap.

Dear followers and friends,

I wanted to reveal some exciting news and ask for your help simultaneously. I recently put together some of my poems — 10 brand new and 2 older poems– into an online PDF compilation entitled “Lackadasical Prayers.” I’m really proud of the work I’ve put out and it’s now available for sale at for $1.75 per download (It works out to about 14 cents a poem which is a BARGAIN!). This includes the poems “Cirque du Chaos”, “New England Weather” and “Mr. Reed 10/27/13” which first appeared here on the blog.

So that’s the exciting news; now for the help part. My goal right now is to sell 50 copies of the collection. In order to do that, I need to spread the word. I’m asking all my followers and readers who have liked any of the posts I’ve put up here to download a copy of the collection for yourself. If you like what you read, please recommend it to two other people/friends of yours, and tell them to pass the info along if they like it. I’ll be talking more about the progress I’m making and hope you can all share in the success. Take care, click on the link below and help spread the word!

For your copy of “Lackadasical Prayers” click this link (or paste in browser):

Click for Movie Reviews

April 30, 2012

I’m still writing movie reviews for It’s been a while but I hit a stride this week thanks to the Independent Film Festival of Boston (and many thanks to Joe Vitaliano, Nigia Stepehns and Hafida Acuay Osuna for sponsoring my viewing the films. Much love to you all). Anyway I still get some money from each time someone clicks on the reviews I write and pages I have up, so feel free to do so–every bit counts. You can subscribe there and get emailed when I do have new content. A lot of the content is Boston based but still keeping people up to date (as best I can) on film happenings around town. Check out the link below and read as much as you like.  

Thanks again loyal readers. 😀