Saturday was the day of action to protest “President” Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy, which has had children and parents separated during arrest at the border, and both detained and/or deported separately. A federal judge has ordered the separated children reunited with their families within 30 days (14 days for children under 5 years old; over 5 and older must be reunited within 30 days), but the administration has no idea how to do this. Meanwhile children and parents crossing the border will no longer be separated–instead will be detained together with no clear process to get them out. So yeah, people were angry.

Normally we’d go to the Boston Common to join the protest, but we still haven’t been settled in an apartment yet and are staying at a friend’s house in Haverill. Luckily people of Haverill gathered to protest as well. This was a different one that Sophia was used to: people were staggered across 4 corners of an intersection, holding signs, chanting, and trying to get motorists to honk in support. It was in the 90s and humid, but we had water and Sophia had her cell phone. We eventually made it to each corners and supported those in custody and tried to get the word out.