Co-Hosting “The Occupied Nation Show”

April 12, 2021

What I thought was only going to be a month-long commitment has become a part-time hobby (I’m not getting paid for it so the IRS would classify this as a hobby; I’ll tell the story of how that mistake was made on my taxes many years ago some time). My friend Patrick Wilson is the creator and host of “The Occupied Nation Show,” which broadcasts on Activate Media Radio and their website He was getting overwhelmed late last year (like I did when I decided to halt broadcasting “Theology In Action”), and asked me to co-host the show with him for the month of January, and then he would rotate other hosts in over the year. As it turned out, I co-hosted January and we had our friend Rhodes Pierre as our guest. Then in February we rotated and Rhodes was the co-host and I was the guest. It never quite got out of just us three talking and we’ve been doing it since the start of the year. Since I’m now the co-host of a show, I’d better put it out there.

The “Occupied Nation” broadcasts every Monday at 7pm EST on Now, Monday’s shows will be put on the website to hear at your convenience on the following Wednesdays. The “Occupied Nation Show” began in 2012 on Occupy Boston Radio. Since, Occupy Boston Radio has become Activate Radio, which is a part of Activate Media. Each week the show focuses on current events relating to social justice and the struggle of marginalized peoples. Please tune in as they stream on Monday night at 7pm, or at your convenience on the Activate Media website. The latest show on the site is from April 5, and can be reached by clicking here.

Hope you can all tune in!

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