The America We Deserve

November 25, 2016

I usually write a pep talk before the elections to my friends. This year was different, so the post was different. I put this on my radio show blog. Here it is:

Theology in Action

In the Twilight Zone episode “The Masks”—written by Rod Serling and directed by Ida Lupino—a wealthy old man gets revenge on his heirs, who are simply waiting for him to die to inherit his fortune, by forcing them to wear grotesque masks through the night or forfeit their inheritance. These masks are supposed to be the opposite of the wearer’s true personality, but upon the man’s death, they find the masks have formed their outward appearance to be exactly like their inner personalities—ugly and grotesque. This presidential election resulted in a similar outcome: we are now forced to wear the face of our own ugliness.

America’s stated values have always been at odds with it’s actions. We state that we are created equal, but did not extend that to women or any person of color. We say we are a melting pot, yet have a virulent anti-immigrant strain running throughout…

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