I was never good at sales. I’m not very open by nature so the idea of pushing stuff on to people never was appealing—even if it was something people wanted. I’ve had sales jobs every so often over the years out of desperation and necessity, but I hated the task.

Political phone banking is similar, except you really are trying to get the word out about someone you believe in. I did it for Obama in 2008, as well as Democratic fundraising in 2010 (which was harder). But after all the crap I went through from the loss of a career in 2009, the spiraling decline through 2012, and dealing with single fatherhood for the last 3 years—all of which took a tool on my own mental health—I know I am no longer capable of doing any kind of telemarketing or phone banking.

The problem this time around is that the Bernie Sanders campaign needs the outreach of volunteers on the phones to help his run; not just getting the vote out but basic candidate knowledge. There has been a media blackout of his campaign since November 2015 and general dismissal of his candidacy up until now. Despite that he is a popular candidate, has a great platform, and can win if his message is heard. Sanders has been able to garner supporters by letting people hear his platform. So these phone banks become essential for his campaign. Yet I couldn’t do it. I want Sanders to get the nomination and the White House, but I can’t dial a single phone number without a panic attack.

Thankfully a friend pointed out that Sanders has a texting squad. They text get out the vote reminders, rally alerts, phone banking events, and such, to other Bernie supporters. I jumped on that in early March, but they had such a deluge of volunteers I had to wait until April so they can drastically upscale their operation so I can participate. I haven’t done a ton of shifts like others (the average is 3-4 text shifts a day, but I know one person who does 7-8 per day since their first day), but I’ve been regularly texting alerts to supporters for almost a month. I get plenty of “fuck offs”, but I get a higher amount of people thanking me for volunteering.

No it’s not cold calling numbers and trying to get support and/getting into arguments, but I believe every little bit counts. I’m better at writing anyway, and I can help a candidate I believe in. Luckily technology has allowed me to work around my mental illnesses and do necessary grunt work. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this all the way up to the convention and beyond.


Marquee Humor

April 2, 2016

This was displayed last week at the Venue Theatre in Lexington, MA

My Big Fat Greek 2
Lady in the Van

Worst. Porn movie title. Ever.

There’s a movie out now called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. It’s about a journalist’s experience in Afghanistan, which means the title is a cute pun. However I didn’t know this and had to look it up—partly a failure in marketing, but it’s also a failure for those who setup these marquees. Prime example, this was up two weeks ago at the Apple Cinemas in Cambridge, MA:

Star Wars WTF

Spelling the title (even two words) out would make things so much easier.

First World Problems

April 1, 2016

The good news is I don’t have strep throat. The bad news is my allergies have hit insanely bad heights. My allergies were acting up last week; on Sunday I thought it was becoming a cold because of the roughness in my throat. I think I already got Sophia sick the next day that she stayed home from school, but I was feeling better… until last night when I thought my left eye was going to combust in the socket, while simultaneously oozing mucus. When I woke up this morning with a more painful sore throat I went to the local clinic, because the last thing a food delivery person needs is strep throat. No strep—who knew they had a 7 minutes strep test? The last time I got tested for step I had to wait a day and a half—but an allergic reaction that has overcome all of my systems. I swear the left side of my head—not sinuses, nose or ear, but the whole head from crown to shoulder—is stuffed up. It sucks. But yeah, I know that there are nations on this planet where I wouldn’t make it past the Sunday sore throat. So yeah it sucks, but I’ll manage.

Sophia had her first world problem today, too. I got a call on the answering machine letting me know that she made the next step in the Red Sox Scholarship award. This means out of he 100 or so people who applied for it, 26 students were picked to be interviewed in person. That happens April 23 at Fenway Park, which is cool in itself. However that was the weekend I was tryign to get up to Canada so Sophia could see her baby nephew. We were trying to go for his first birthday this month, but Sophia’s brother wouldn’t be there until April. So I found the perfect time to go during April vacation and after a bunch of doctor appointments, and now this got in the way. So the bad news is we have to push the Canada trip back to May. The good news is Sophia made the next step to get a scholastic scholarship.

All and all things are okay.