A New Bernie Sanders Pledge

December 30, 2015

Okay Bernie Sanders supporters, we’re coming to a crossroad in the campaign. We’re about 40-plus days away from the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, both of which seem to be key to his White House campaign. We know that Sanders’ support is growing in size and breadth, and his momentum is steadily forward; however the media blackout against him continues and only further misleads the public. After every Democratic debate so far, each internet snap poll of viewers (which aren’t scientifically accurate) showed that they thought Sanders won each debate in overwhelming numbers (80% and over). Yet when TV news analysts were asked who won, each time they said Hillary Clinton won overall. Despite having NO SuperPAC support, Sanders has nearly matched Clinton in fundraising efforts thanks to having a history making two million individual donors in the fastest time period. Still Sanders is getting pushed out of the spotlight by Clinton and Donald Trump, and any other news event that doesn’t deal with politics. But Sanders hangs on in national polls, diminishing Clinton’s lead and polling better than any GOP candidate. He holds on, but soon holding on will not be good enough, Soon we will be tallying votes in caucuses and primaries, and if Sanders can’t come out on top in the early primaries, the campaign will be over. I know there is the growing pledge of Sanders’ supporters to write-in Sanders’ name in the general election if he doesn’t become the Democratic nominee. I’d rather talk about a different pledge: to make sure Sanders IS the nominee period.

If we really want to take back our democracy (née transform our American oligarchy back into a representative democracy), we NEED to vote for Sanders in every primary and caucus leading up to the national convention. If every person who donated to the Sanders campaign or clicked his name in the post debate polls voted in the upcoming primaries, he will win the primaries and get the nomination for president. No need to split the parties in November or write his name in; we can vote him into office proudly and faithfully. I understand the principle behind wanting to vote Sanders and only Sanders for president; what I’m saying is wee need to concentrate on February before November. Sanders can be the nominee if we first put our votes where our hearts are.

We need to have a new pledge: if you’ve donated to Sanders’ campaign, posted memes on Facebook, retweeted his comments, if you really think his voice in office would best serve the American people, pledge to vote for Sanders in your state primary or caucus. Find out what date your state primary is here and plan to vote. We can always revolt if things are rigged afterwards, but right now Sanders will be the nominee if everyone who says they support him vote for him in the primaries. He not only needs our pledge to vote for him, he needs our vote. Give it to him when the primaries come up.


Marquee Humor

December 23, 2015

Saw this at the Apple Cinemas at Fresh Pond Mall in Cambridge, MA.

Spectre Sisters

Wasn’t that a goth band in the ’80s? Correct me if I’m wrong.

At the same theater:

Alvin and Chip

Way to turn a dumb children’s franchise into a indie buddy flick. It’s not like you’re out of letters guys; finish the word. It becomes even more odd with the movie after it:

Alvin and Chip
The Good Dinosaur

Not sure if that would improve that Pixar film, but it couldn’t hurt.

About a week ago, I forgot about this one at the same theater:

The Martin Creed

To any of my Catholic readers, tell me is this anything like the Nicean Creed or no?

I don’t normally do this, but I didn’t have a place to put it. Saw this on the back of a taxi yesterday heading into Boston:

Satisfaction is our Serv ce

Obviously proofreading isn’t included in that.

Final Tally

December 2, 2015

So for the NaBloPoMo is 20 posts for the month. I didn’t get a list of how many words total, but I was glad to get a larger output of blog writing over the month, and I’ve had larger overall readers since doing this. Good to see that. I still need to translate all of that writing into writing my fiction and scripts. I’d love to translate my readership into book sales, but that’s something for another day. Right now I need to get a consistent writing schedule so I can get blogs or fiction done. That’s part of what this challenge was for: consistent writing. I worked but I need to build on that. Need to be productive again before I can market things. I’m trying to get better and plans and goals and all that.