Marquee Humor

September 2, 2015

Two different things seen at Apple Cinemas in Fresh Pond Cambridge, MA. First this:

Compton Hitman

Okay now I absolutely need to see this one. The second one:

Escape Plan Ant Man

Not sure if this is one movie or a critique of the second one.


SEH cover

My latest ebook collection is now available online. I’ve been working to get this ready for the last month and “Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” is now ready for purchase. A collection of short-short stories, “Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” gives a glimpse at the realities of the modern world, from the back alleys and seedy city diners to out of the way roadsideĀ motels. If you like atmospheric literary fiction with an occasional twist, this is for you. The ebook is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo book retailers for $1.99 a copy. If demnd is popular, it will be available at other retailers. Please check it out and buy your copy today.

“Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” at

“Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” at

“Starry-Eyed Hallucinations” at