Marquee Humor

August 17, 2015

This is currently up at the Lexington Venue in Lexington, MA

Mr. Holmes
Irrational Man

Admittedly, he likes to get lit every once in a while but I wouldn’t go that far…

This was at the Apple Cinemas in Cambridge, MA:

Miniions  Compton

Really? The minions have officially taken over everything? M.W.A.  Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Summer of Discontent

August 13, 2015

You know your writer’s block is bad when you can’t figure out what to say in a blog posting. It could be worse; I couldn’tt be able to write a tweet. Of course with me it’s never as much that I don’t have things to write, 1) I have too many things I want to write; 2) each idea has too many directions it can go; and 3) I don’t know where to start.

I’m this close to putting a short story collection for sale online, but I need to getthe next step. Of course I have a short story and a novella I still need to finish, but other things are wanting to be written as well. Plus I’m wondering if I want to keep plugging ahead with the short I have half finished now. I hate having to abandon stuff when I haven’t finished them, but I’m not feeling this story so much as I once was. I may jump to the writing the ending as I want it to go and then come back to bridge the part I left off with.

Seems like this is how some of my writers block goes. It sucks because I have some good ideas that don’t get executed well because I can’t break through. Something I need to work on for sure.

So far the summer has been okay. The delivery work has been up and down as it always is. It’s good money when the hours come in, but the last couple of weeks has been a slow period. A client built in a busy week once a month or so and I know some money comes in then; I’m juts worried about the savings I have. I have a cushion from what I made at the last temp job and tax refunds which I am stretching out pretty far, but it only holds up if the money going out comes back in—which is sort of trickling in and gushing out. I budgeted for some of the things coming up, but the worry is starting. This last week I haven’t worked at all and not happy abou that. It sort of worked out in that Sophia has this summer cold that is dropping all my other friends so she’s been fine to stay home this week. Yesterday it was fun when there was a Phineas and Ferb all day marathon on Disney, but today they’re doing Lab Rats (ugh…); and I can only take so much of Season 7 American Ninja Warrior reruns before I go nuts. This hasn’t helped with jitters about not working.

Everything seems to be more of a work in progress than usual. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but the fact that Im restless about it is bad.

Dress Codes

August 8, 2015

I heard from Sophia’s school today about some changes for the new school year, specifically uniforms. I gave the news to Sophia on the way home from her summer program. She was annoyed about it

Me: They have a different shirt for seventh graders, so I have to buy new shirts.
Sophia: Why?
Me: They have a different logo on it for seventh grade as opposed to sixth.
Sophia: So I need all new shirts?
Me: Yeah, I’m probably going to get five long sleeve, five short, and a hoodie for the new grade.
Sophia: Did they say anything about pants?
Me: Yeah khakis.
Sophia: What?
Me: You know the tan brown—
Sophia: I know that! Did they say any other colors?
Me: No just khakis. I can get a few pairs of those.
Sophia: (groans and whines)
Me: The big change is shoes?
Sophia: I have to wear shoes?!
Me: No, you can wear sneakers but they have to be all black.
Sophia: Are you serious?!
Me: Yeah, I’m not crazy about buying sneakers again but that’s what they want.

She is silent for a moment, then gets sarcastic.

Sophia: Did they say anything about socks?
Me: (short beat) No, but they said something about coordinating underwear for the day.
Sophia: WHAT?!??!
Me: I’m kidding.

After that she just screamed incoherently and slapped me all the way back to the house. Don’t try to out-snark your dad, little girl. 😉

Summer Sermon 2015

August 7, 2015

One reason I haven’t been writing on line much is because I’ve been trying to finish writing my summer sermon for this year. It was a bit more research intensive and a little more anxiety provoking than I thought, but I got it done in time to deliver it at the end of July. Since it was inspired by a show I did for Theology In Action, I posted the sermon on the show blog. I talk about the Black Lives Matter and Fight For 15 efforts. Check it out when you can. :}

Read sermon here.