Marquee Humor

June 19, 2015

This was the entire posting of the Venue Theater in Lexington, MA:

“I’ll See You In My Dreams
Far From the Madding Crowd
Woman in Gold”

Best unintentional theater haiku ever!

This one is up for debate, but I put it on for your consideration: This was up this last week at the Arlington Capitol Theater in Arlington MA:

“Inside Out Opens June 19”

I know it’s accurate and fair, but I don’t know about you it struck me as kind of gross.


The new job I got that was supposed to be temp-to-perm turned out to be more temporary than permanent. Shy a week after my 60-day review, the company let me go. I never heard why. They called my temp agency letting me go and my temp agency emailed me the bad news. From what I gather, it was a bad fit departmentally. I thought I fit into the job well, but I guess numbers said otherwise, so no harm done letting me go. Sort of.

Soon after the email, I texted my old boss at Via Lago—the restaurant I drove catering for—to ask for my old job back. In my book, part-time work beats unemployment. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I had to wait until Tuesday to hear anything. The thing is I wasn’t as panicked as I would normally be. Not to say that I wasn’t panicked at all (Friday night was especially rough) but not as bad as I have in the past. This was the first time I’ve been let go from a job when I had a surplus of money on hand. My income increased but not all of my expenses did over the two months (plus my tax refund) which helped. I wasn’t going to be making more money but I didn’t need to decrease my spending drastically. I’m floating, not drowning so it worked out.

Tuesday morning I heard from my old boss that she could put me back in rotation no problem. They’ve always been good to me as a company and people and I appreciate that. It’s also good to feel wanted immediately after made to feel like a failure. The temp agency said nothing about why I was let go, but they let me know about offers that fit my skill sets coming in the future. Right now I’m taking my mom’s advice and enjoy the time I have with my daughter now. She’s doing the STEM summer program for grade school kids at MIT so she’ll be busy. I’m not in a hurry to look for second shift work while she’s doing that so I’m thinking about the next steps I want to take work wise. And as I said it feels better to work short and (somewhat) stable hours than not work at all.