No Escape!!!!

March 27, 2015

Even when I get a break, I can’t get a break. So I started the new job last week (which so far is great—really like the people, good atmosphere, good stuff), which was a training week but I still got paid for it. I get paid a full work week and I get paid the week after my time sheets are sent in. Wonderful. I get direct deposit so I comes in on Thursday. Terrific. Anyway, I check with my back and it looks like I got half a check instead of a full one. Not so great.

I thought it might be a payment in two parts so I waited until today, and nothing. I call the temp agency that I’m working the job through; they look into it and it turns out that it had to do with tax info that I put down when I first started with the agency years ago. She couldn’t fix it because it’s private tax info so I have to go in and correct it. So I go on the site and check the tax deductions, and nothing seems to be out of order on what I put down. Then I finally am able to look at the check deductions/paystub online (technical problems wouldn’t allow that before). It turns out half the check went to the state Department of Revenue to pay my child support and extra garnished wages for Sophia—which I haven’t paid in two years because her mom died!

So I call the DOR to see 1) if I can get the money back soon; 2) can get them to send a letter to the agency to tell them to stop garnishing my check (the agency can’t stop it on their own for obvious reasons). They look into it and they tell me that they don’t have the money yet; I may be getting direct deposit but the DOR gets a paper check. So that means I have to wait until they get the check before I can request the rest of my paycheck; plus I have to wait until they get the child support money before they can issue a stop garnishing letter because they haven’t received it ye, and by the time they do another portion may be taken out of another paycheck before it’s cleared up.

Even dead, Sophia’s mom is fucking with my life!


Unexpected Transition

March 20, 2015

When my friend at churh told me this would be a year of transition, he wasn’t kidding.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a temp agency I used to use. It was a standard notification of here’s-what-jobs-are-available email, but it had a job that I thought I was pretty capable of doing. I double checked my resume making sure I that the one geared towards customer service was up to date and sent it out. So the agency called me back wanting to know if I could go on an interview for the company the next day. By the end of Friday afternoon, I was slated to start a full-time temp-to-perm job as a customer service agent in one week’s time. I couldn’t give two weeks notice to my delivery job, but they were really understanding with everything—even letting me know I can come back if it doens’t turn out to be so permanent. That was really helpful. Not that I don’t think I can do the job required of me, but I do remember the last time I tried to transition from part-time to temp-to-perm full time. I was not in a good emotional state and my work suffered because of it and I was let go after a week. I don’t want to go throiugh that again.

This will be the first full time job I’ve had since 2009 and I am nervous that I might screw it up. But I’m almost done with my first week of training and so far it’s pretty good. The work is detail oriented but if I keep focused I can get all the little things I need to pick up on. Everyone I’ve met so far is friendly and helpful and it actually seems like a good fit for me. And my trainer says I’m doing fine so that’s a big relief. 

A new job was actually the last thing I was looking for or expected to find lately, but it is a pleasant and welcome surprise. It’s good to take a chance once in a while.