When did I kill a black cat with a giant mirror while crossing under a ladder?? First, I get into a fender-bender in Boston with the company delivery van while parking. No damage on our van but I took the headlight right off the parked van (and our boss said to us drivers we can’t have any more accidents the rest of the year). Two days later, I get a parking ticket with another company vehicle for supposedly parking in a no stopping zone. I’m appealing this one because the van was more in the commercial parking area of the street than tow portion. Couple of days later, my landlady calls me and says I need to clean the apartment or I have to move. Yeah, it’s messy and the landlady is more pleading with em to clean up (her daughter is “disgusted” with the condition) so I have time to clean; I’m just upset at the way it was put to me in those terms—clean or move. Finally I find out from the state that they are auditing my state tax form. This is like the second time in 10 years I’ve been “randomly selected” to be assessed by the state. I afraid to say anything too dire about all of this in case Karma actively checks my internet postings, but WTF?!?!??


Changes in Attitute

April 3, 2014

If there’s one thing that diabetes has done for me is to stop beating myself up and take things a day at a time. Never thought that would happen for me but it’s true. Totally having to change my diet to lower my glucose levels is not easy. I’m having some good days but quite a number of bad days too. But usually a bad day escalates over several more days after. So the bagels and chocolates and potato chips and other sweets and carbs continue to pile on and add up pounds and stored up glucose and insulin resistance. Luckily since I spoke to the nurse practitioner and my doctor, I haven’t been so quick to keep piling on how bad I feel with food. I’ve had good days and bad days. The number of bad days and good days are about even, but lately I’m more willing to say tomorrow is another day and act on it. That is a huge sea change for me.


I also just started back at the gym this week. Last week I signed up with Work Out World at Porter Square (where the Bally’s gym used to be). $10 a month and the yearly fee comes in in two weeks, so not a bad deal. Starting off slow and trying not to over-binge on exercise (something else I’m good at). My arms are still sore from the first workout (focused on biceps along with 20 minutes of the elliptical), but it’s a good soreness—I keep telling myself that. I’m trying to make this a permanent habit as opposed to something I do for a brief time and then not sustain.


Slow and steady, one day at a time. So far it’s sticking and hoping it stays that way.