Buy Now, Listen Later

March 29, 2014

A couple of things going on creatively speaking. First it seems that the site that I have my work uploaded to will be shutting down in about two more months. I will be switching and uploading to a new site when I find one that I think works well, but in the meantime I still need to move the product still there on that site. So for anyone who hasn’t already downloaded a copy of my poetry collection “Lackadaisical Prayers” yet, please follow the link below to and pick up a copy. It’s reasonably priced at $1.75 a download and it’s good poetry. So please check it out and buy a copy HERE. When I do get a site to post stories to, I should have that poetry collection and a short-short ready to go.

Second, for those who know of my radio show last year, I will be starting that up again in April. I had a show called “Theology in Action” that broadcast over Occupy Boston Radio for a year from 2012 to 2013. I was slowly winding up my shows last year when Sophia’s mom died. After that, the last thing I was able to do was concentrate on both religion and politics at the same time. Now I think it’s time to get back to it. Especially with all that’s been happening lately, it’s ripe to talk religion and activism from the left these days.


Marquee Humor

March 16, 2014

Saw this yesterday at the Lexington Venue in Lexington MA:

Dallas Buyers  Hustle

Wait… is Matthew McConaughey conning people out of their meds or is Christian Bale gaining 40 pounds to play an HIV positive character? I’m so confused!!!

This one needs to reference back to my last marquee Humor posting. The Apple Cinemas in Cambridge MA had the week before:

Non Stop
Endless Love

This Friday they had this up:

Single Moms Club
Bargain Tuesdays 475

First of all, I thought there was no sex in the Champagne Room. Second, if they are going to advertise something like this, just put it in the adult classifieds with all the other masseuse ads.


Marquee Humor

March 13, 2014

The other week, I saw this at the Apple Cinemas (formerly the Fresh Pond Cinema) in Cambridge MA:

Endless Love

Way too much TMI for me.

This week at the Apple Cinema:

12 Years a Slave
Awful Nice

I’m officially calling it: the post-racial society in America is DEAD!


The Lost week

March 10, 2014

I’ve felt like I’ve been on a bender but not. I had a lot of time where I simply did nothing. Believe me I had stuff to do but avoided it. I felt like all I wanted to do was sleep or watch TV. I was productive in the day job but I did nothing to help me personally.

It’s a reaction I know. Big part of it is learning I now have Type II Diabetes. I had to meet a nurse practitioner to talk about my situation and see what to do about it. They aren’t putting me on insulin yet, which is a bit of a relief. They feel some of the medicine I started taking is helping. Plus they feel it can be reversed if I make changes to lifestyle and diet. I’ve spoken in therapy about my ambivalence to change it; now I don’t have a choice, I have to for serious health reasons. Luckily the NP said start with small changes; don’t try to change everything at once. That’s still tough for me. I’ve always been averse to change even when it’s helpful. Small changes will help, but they are still tough to overcome.

My small start now is to work on increasing protein AS I decrease carbs. A friend said matching protein to a starch worked well for his father’s diabetes. Figured it’s a good first step. I have noticed if I eat more protein in my breakfast, my snacking during the day drops off considerably. The hard part will be chocolate—I am a chocoholic. I am looking at protein bars when I can’t. It’s a start but tough.

Still this week has felt like one big hangover.

In my home homily (my Feb. 24 blog post as well as a sermon), I confess that all the ordeals over the last few years have changed me in a lot of unrecoverable ways. I’m still processing who I am now and who I was then and what changes have been made. It’s easy to see when you’re in a different space than you were, how things look physically; it’s harder to to say how you feel after the fact, emotionally, psychologically. I’m some sense you’re still going through the effects, delayed as they ay be, and partially waiting for the other show to drop (I always feel something else is going to come at me hard). In other ways you still have to function and get through the day, the week, the month; there is no tie for self for self reflection, you have things to do. While some things have calmed down, you can take a quick glance at what’s going on.

I think the biggest hit to me was my writing. It’s always been a huge part of my identity. I knew I was that even if things got hard. Now it’s the writing that’s hard. Granted I’ve always been a perfectionist with writing—trying to get every word exactly right even before a finished rough draft making writing slow and arduous; but now I feel really stifled not knowing what I’m doing or even if I’m doing it right. I spent a year with my computer in storage which had some of my current projects on it in stasis. The dumb thing is I like to write long hand first. But somehow that just made the effort to get started almost unbearable. I’m writing stuff, but haven’t felt creative in a long time.

Most of this comes from being in survival mode. Like I said, not time to write; I have things to do—survive. Can’t focus on anything other than making sure I have what I need. When it comes to fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses mine it to freeze until danger passes. Freezing is no action and that includes writing. The thing is I’ve been frozen in one place for so long that it’s hard to move at all now. Hence the writing has suffered.

What I have found is I do well in short bursts. Not only time of writing but length of story. At one point I may have had a half dozen books and two or three memoirs in me, but I know now it’s only one novel (if any), one autobiography and maybe a memoir. For the most part I’m working in short form pretty well—poems, flash fiction, short-shorts, blogs and commentaries. It’s a plus. If anything I’ve always said baby steps are a way to go forward. Forwards is key.

I might not be the writer I was before, and I’m not sure if that’ good or bad. I do have to keep moving. Time will tell.