Hard Part of Writing

November 30, 2013

The hardest part, for me at least, isn’t the rewriting or proofreading or outlining; it’s the marketing. Once you’ve written your stuff, you DO need to get it out in the world. As much as we write for ourselves and a small audience, we all hope to reach a good sizeable audience. Some people decide that can mean 15-20 people, others need all 6 billion of the Earth’s population to read what they write. No mater what the size of that group of people you want to reach, you still have to reach out TO them. That’s where I’m at now and it’s tough.

When I posted my poetry collection online, my goal was to reach a total of 50 people. I sent emails to friends and groups I’m with, posted on my blog and Facebook, Twitter and other sites to let people know it was out there. The first week I hit 11 people, which I thought was great. Since then, still only 11 people downloaded it. It’s good but I still want my work to reach a good number of people and I want to hit that goal before the end of the year. So I need to get aggressive in my marketing and letting people know about it. That’s what I find hard: I’m not that naturally aggressive.

Something about writing is nice when it’s just you and a keyboard or pen getting things down on a page. Sharing that page can still be a daunting task for me and probably a lot of writers. I have a few writing friends on FB in which every third post in basically “buy my stuff.” I’m not trying to be that guy but I need to learn from that. It’s tough to get out of my comfort zone and onto a soapbox, but it’s something we writers have to do. For every chapter or two we write we have to be willing to do one public appearance or some promotional event for our writing. It’s not something they teach in writing classes but it’s a skill we need to develop.

I’ll be on the computer tomorrow posting more links to my poetry collection. For now I need a nap.


One Down, Many More to Go

November 7, 2013

So we now can cross one project off the writing list. As seen in my last blog post (here), writing the 10 poem collection is completed and available for download at Authorstand.com. In fact, currently my poetry collection, “Lackadaisical Prayers,” is the number 1 most downloaded poetry e-book over the last 30 days, number 8 of all genre e-books downloaded over the last 30 days and number 20 of e-books downloaded over the last 90 days! I’m really proud of the work put into the collection and encourage more people to download it. Writing all the poems was a lot of fun and I’m glad I had the motivation to put them all together.

Granted I can’t really say it’s finished. I am still trying to sell more copies of the work (my personal goal is selling 50 copies), and marketing the work has started in earnest this week. However the writing portion is done and that feels good. Even the feeling bad about not writing any more poems feels good—like a good workout after a long time away from the gym. I feel good, like I’m finally on the right track again.

Next on the list is the sci-fi western. I’m a good chunk into it, but I have the big climax and stuff that leads up to it to write. Not going to rush it, but would love to have it ready to download before the new year. Stay tuned… this should be fun!

Dear followers and friends,

I wanted to reveal some exciting news and ask for your help simultaneously. I recently put together some of my poems — 10 brand new and 2 older poems– into an online PDF compilation entitled “Lackadasical Prayers.” I’m really proud of the work I’ve put out and it’s now available for sale at AuthorStand.com for $1.75 per download (It works out to about 14 cents a poem which is a BARGAIN!). This includes the poems “Cirque du Chaos”, “New England Weather” and “Mr. Reed 10/27/13” which first appeared here on the blog.

So that’s the exciting news; now for the help part. My goal right now is to sell 50 copies of the collection. In order to do that, I need to spread the word. I’m asking all my followers and readers who have liked any of the posts I’ve put up here to download a copy of the collection for yourself. If you like what you read, please recommend it to two other people/friends of yours, and tell them to pass the info along if they like it. I’ll be talking more about the progress I’m making and hope you can all share in the success. Take care, click on the link below and help spread the word!

For your copy of “Lackadasical Prayers” click this link (or paste in browser): http://shop.authorstand.com/Products/13129-lackadasical-prayers.aspx

Marquee Humor

November 5, 2013

This was seen on the Fresh Pond Cinema marquee in Cambridge MA:

Escape Plan

It’s cute and makes sense, but doesn’t Butler + Escape plan = 12 Years a Slave?? I could be wrong; my math is horrible.

Speaking of “12 Years a Slave,” this was on the Lexington Venue marquee in Lexington MA:

“12 Years a Slave
Enough Said”

That’s a microphone drop that predates the microphone…