Marquee Humor

September 28, 2013

The “Planes” saga continues. This was seen last week at the Capitol Theater in Arlington, MA:

“Planes   The Family”

This begs the question: would you rather see Luc Besson direct a Pixar project, or Pixar animate a Luc Besson film? I thnk it would be wild to see how Pixar handles “The Professional.” 

Also at the Capitol Theater:

“The Butler   Riddick”

In this diverse, “post-racial” era of the early 21st century, how does anyone confuse Forest Whitaker with Vin Diesel? 


Numbers Don’t Lie

September 26, 2013

I had a very tough therapy session the other day. I’ve been feeling in despair about where things are for me, how far I still need to go and feeling like I’m not going to make it at all. I’ve been seeing nothing but money going out and little coming in, so I’ve also been losing hope fast. I’ve felt this way for a while now but it’s been hitting me hard the last week or so. At the end of the session, my therapist suggested that I reexamine the numbers, including the new Section 8 revised rent and Sophia’s SSI payments. I did that today, and things aren’t as bleak as I felt they were; in fact it’s manageable.

All in all, I can pay for what Sophia and I need and still breathe a little bit. Not deep breaths mind you but enough air to keep from drowning. Some of it is still a bit iffy in that it’s based on working 9 hours a week at the restaurant. Those hours are not a guarantee but it’s easier to achieve those than the numbers I had in mind a month ago. It’s seems small but it takes a huge load off my mind.

A few weeks ago I put up a status change in Facebook admitting my ignorance in music. Up until early September (and thanks to the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke controversy) , I didn’t know that Marvin Gaye was the person who sang “Got to Give it Up” back in the 70s; I always thought it was Earth Wind and Fire. Of course I caught some flak from it by my musician/music history friends. Apparently that wasn’t the depth of my humiliating lack of knowledge. 

Over the weekend I have been listening to Joe Cocker’s version of “Cry Me a River” constantly on Youtube. I’ve liked the song since I was younger and in college. But of course yesterday I found out (well, I googled it) that this really was a cover song; he was singing the Billie Holiday standard. And I had no clue until yesterday.

If you need me, I’ll be under my rok listening to my Beatles 8-track cassettes….

Rock Bottom v. Solid Ground

September 19, 2013

I think I’ve finally found the floor. On Monday I was told that I am now officially the new head of household at the East Boston apartment, and am effectively the recipient of Section 8 benefits. Basically it means that because of Susan’s death, her housing subsidy has been transferred to me so Sophia can stay at the same apartment and I can take care of her there. I can no pay the reduced rent payments, and the landlord gets the balance from the government. This has been a while in coming and settles my ability to afford housing in Boston. It’s a huge relief off my mind to have this and hopefully it’s a huge step in recovery from the effects of a two- to four-year freefall.

Things haven’t been the same for me since I left/was forced out of WGBH. Year of working only part time jobs and the lack of empathy from some people concerning the effects that lack of money and security have taken a brutal toll on me. I know for a fact tht I haven’t fully recovered from these shocks, twists and turns and I know that I have a ways to go until I feel normal again. But the new developments are a start to feeling better. For those that think that these days of underemployment and underpay are the new normal, I am happy to wait until this version of normal is a thing of the past.

In recovery they say you really have to hit bottom before you can finally make it back up. I think I hit bottom a little while back, but hit it so hard that I haven’t been able to get back up. Having a floor under my feet now helps stabilize that. Hopefully the steps forward will be easier to figure out.

There were a few marquee listing with Pixar’s planes at Fresh Pond Cinema in Cambridge, MA. There was another one this week:

“Elysium  Planes”

This one just feels wrong on so many levels…

Cirque du Chaos

September 14, 2013

My first real attempt at a short poem using the cut-up technique…

It’s all fate
The sword real
Eating happy
Dancing clown
Through a painted smile
While plate tortured heart
And aerialists fly
Tempting an act
The danger’s swallower
No one’s scimitars
Except the bears jumping
Permanent flaming hoops
Covering a spinners dazzle.



P.S. Completely forgot about my Circus post earlier this yeah when I wrote this (which I just reread)! Wow……

Marquee Humor

September 10, 2013

Seen at the Fresh Pond Cinema marquee in Cambridge, MA at the beginning of August:

“Butlers  Jobs”

It’s hilarious until you realize that the theater is across the road and in full view of one of the largest housing projects in Cambridge. Subliminal stereotyping maybe?  

Also seen at the Fresh Ponds Cinema on same marquee:

“2 Gun  Planes”

It took me 10 minutes to realize these were two separate movies. Not sure that bodes well for Denzel. I would have said it doesn’t bode well for Pixar, until I saw this notice earlier last week:

“Getaway  Planes”

Not sure if someone’s having fun at Selena Gomez’ expense or it’s Disney’s subliminal way of telling her to come back into the fold.