Word Count

August 10, 2013

“A friend came to visit James Joyce one day and found the great man sprawled across his writing desk in a posture of utter despair.
James, what’s wrong?’ the friend asked. ‘Is it the work?’
Joyce indicated assent without even raising his head to look at his friend. Of course it was the work; isn’t it always?
How many words did you get today?’ the friend pursued.
Joyce (still in despair, still sprawled face down on his desk): ‘Seven.’
Seven? But James… that’s good, at least for you.’
Yes,’ Joyce said, finally looking up. ‘I suppose it is… but I don’t know what order they go in!” ― Stephen King

Great joke. Unfortunately I’m writing a short story with similar issues. Ugh! And It’s not even “Finnegan’s Wake”; it’s an Elmore Leonard western set in a sci-fi off colony setting. I told Sophia I was stuck on the story a little while back. I was mentioning the story to a friend, and she asked me if it was the same one I was stuck on. I said yes. She then asked “Are you stuck in the same place?” I said “No I’m stuck in a different place a few words down.”

Writing is never easy. Sometimes the output could be quicker.


Mind Like a Sieve

August 9, 2013

“Did you ever find yourself standing in one of the rooms of your house and you can’t remember why you went in there? And two words float across your mind: Alzheimer’s Disease.” –George Carlin

Okay, this shouldn’t be so complicated. You have medication that you have to take a number of times during the day, which when taken correctly helps you remain focused and calm thus helping you stay productive during the day. If you don’t take the medication when you’re supposed to, you pretty much flip out, hyperventilate, panic and generally feel like you’re losing your mind. So logically you should be aware of when to take the medicine and take it accordingly. Right?

So why the hell am I so illogical? I take what I’m prescribed in the morning no problem. I take the one I need at bedtime no problem. Somewhere during the day I forget to take one or two of the doses I need to, at which point I’m reduced to worrying about why I’m wasting my time doing nothing while yelling at my computer for not getting that last level on Candy Crush and will then attempt to eat my own weight in hamburgers and bagels. I know how I am without the meds, I know when I’m supposed to take them; why is it I get so stressed out enough to forget taking them? I don’t have a death wish and when push comes to shove I would rather not be shaky and anxious and ill tempered to the nth degree by missing a dose. But has my life gotten so complicated that I can’t remember to do something that I medically need to do?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on some hardcore medication that the withdrawals can kill you. I’m lucky in that sense. And luckily there are days when I don’t miss one of those doses. I’d just like to be stable and remember things like I used to.