Sci-fi excerpt

April 9, 2013

This is an excerpt of a sci-fi story I’m writing. It’s an off-world western dealing with a bounty hunter and his prey. Figured I’d show a little of it on here…


Tomorrow, Corvid thinks looking at the dimming sky. The blue deepens as the orange ball lowers over the horizon. He wipes his brow, his shirt sleeve drenched as he struggles to move rocks around on the wide ledge. The shot to his bicep and the leg gash where the tracer was limits him, but he makes due. Not that he has a choice. Sunset is another hour off and the temperature will drop off soon after that so the shelter will have to hold, but only if built quickly. Setting a fire would give him away for sure so he eschews it. It’s what he can make before the nightly low hits. Tomorrow he’ll signal the Marauders, as per SOP. 

The mountain winds kick up more gravel with each pass across the ledge. Corvid winces from both the dust in his eyes and the sharp grit brushing his wounds, his eyes almost set in a permanent squint. Sighing in disdain he presses on. The rocks can’t be stacked tall even if he could manage it, so he packs them lengthwise. The berm will buffer the wind and gravel blown tonight. The stolen hotel blanket should help with the rest. While not the Cephelon storm season, the mountain winds can be nasty for most the year especially when shoving pumice and powdered rocks 20 miles an hour or more across you. Corvid sighs and lays down the next rock.

He wipes his brow again and peers over the lip down the slope. The last of the miners left an hour before. A coat of sandy powder covers the tracks of feet and transports. They don’t run second shifts on this colony due to the mountain night winds. Too much cost to weatherproof the entrances year round. Shutter them for the night, run them fast and hard sunup to sundown, and hope the haul covers any gaps. A step above subsistence mining but it’s the life of the colony. Making due with what they have is colony life here.

Corvid never understood that mentality. “What’s the use of settling?” he thinks. “You barely get what you need, and you can never get nothing you want. It’s like playing tag with your legs chained to a fence. It’s a losing long term goal. Sooner or later every animal bucks. Even if it means gnawing ff a limb, they won’t stand it.” Corvid knows that all too well. Be it slave labor pushed too far of loyal employees betrayed, once the tipping point is reached chaos sets the rules. Then survival takes a nasty turn.

The last layer of rocks sandwiches the edge of the hotel blanket keeping it in place, flapping in the breeze. Curled up under the blanket will be enough. The two-bit menth whore of shelters works as such: rugged and rough, an eyesore, but does the job to stave off freezing to death. The once blue sky blends smooth from deep green on the far off earth to indigo behind the range. Corvid rubs his arm, part in pain, part to keep warm as the temperature starts its plummet. He lets himself down gently on the walled side of the ledge, pulling the blanket over him. He cocoons himself in, taking a couple of deep breaths to relax. He smiles to himself thinking this isn’t the worst shelter he’s ever had to deal with. In his time off-world for the corporation and on the run with the Marauders, he’s dealt with worse conditions. He settles in for the night knowing it’s all part of the job. Whatever the job is.


Time Management????

April 8, 2013

I really am trying to get some writing done, even if it is a blog post or so here and there, and organize things. I’m just having a hard time with scheduling and organizing. As well as my life and trying to make heads or tails of my life to organize it. I have a two-fold problem as I see it. I bite off more than I can chew with the structured time I have and I am horrible at managing unstructured time. Having the part time jobs and a routine helps me structure the time of the day and some free time; however I tend to overestimate my ability to do work in the time frames I have. Thus I get overwhelmed and would rather listen to Bad Brains than write (as opposed to listening to Bad Brains while writing). When I get a large chunk of free time (often unexpectedly) I often have whatever plans I do have thrown off for the day and it becomes a scramble to fill the time with something other than Facebook or Youtube. Both problems feed into one another and make for very unproductive days and anxiety about not doing anything productive. A vicious cycle. 

However I am trying. I know I need to set time aside for writing as I do for other things. I know as a writer I should set time aside every day, but there are other pressing priorities that need my attention and energy, and honestly the only thing I want to do with the time I do get available is nap. But I am trying to manage all my days better. Still baby stepping my way through things, which is good for now as I am moving forwards.